Understand advantages

Wingo is an energy-efficient table with integrated heating in its base that saves energy and money. In addition, it has zero CO2 emission, therefore is the most environmentally friendly solution. Wingo table has heaters in its base and the possibility of wireless charging of smart devices on the table surface.

The CE mark guarantees all safety and functionality standards for the European market and IP55 certification, in addition to mechanical durability and longevity, guarantees water and dust resistance, thus providing additional safety to the end-user.

Significant savings, great energy efficiency, modern heating system and design make it not a plain heating table for food but rather the most cost-effective modern and efficient energy eco solution on the world market of heaters, which is why it has received numerous international awards.

It is easy to use, just press the switch and enjoy the pleasant warmth of the Wingo table.

Science behind Wingo

We have tested Wingo in different weather conditions (including snow, rain, high wind, and temperatures from -10°C to 15°C) and geographical locations (five locations in central Europe) for six months in 2021/2022. Results consistently showed an average result of energy consumption of 0.25kW per hour. Compared to the average electrical heater that use 2.5-3.0kW per hour, this results shows that Wingo saves up to 10-15 times more energy than electrical heaters.

The reason for such a high energy efficiency lies in the unique Wingo design that combines knowledge from heat transfer with knowledge of human physiology, and science of comfort. Wingo table conducts heat directly into the feet, thus ensuring direct energy transfer without dissipation. Heat is transferred by circulation from the feet throughout the body. Thanks to the energy-efficient design and innovative heating system, the Wingo table, as we have seen, saves up to 10x more energy than existing electric heaters and therefore significantly reduces electricity costs. Compared to gas heaters, Wingo table saves even more energy and does not emit CO2, which makes it a great alternative to gas heaters as a healthier solution for users and the environment.

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