Our Wingo story

How did it all start: from socializing to an idea

Our founder and CEO, Nikolina Vuckovic, is a person very sensitive to cold and low temperatures. A few years ago, just before Christmas, she returned from warm Dubrovnik, where she was filming the Game of Thrones series, to cold Zagreb, and found herself hanging out with a friend. They were sitting in the center of Zagreb on a terrace heated by standard electric heaters that were placed above their heads. After a short time, they both felt their heads glowing, their feet cold and their entire body slowly cooling down. At that moment Nikolina told her friend that she was freezing and that she does not understand why the heaters were set so that her head was hot instead of following the natural flow of heat from the bottom up and that it would be great if there were tables to warm the feet. Her friend replied that it was a great idea and asked her why such a table would not be her next innovation.

A little later more friends joined them. They all had the same remarks, their heads were boiling, and their feet were frozen. Nikolina mentioned again her idea of a heated table which delighted the company. After a few months of research, Nikolina started making a prototype of a heated table. At the end of summer 2018, she applied for the startup competition Start-Up Factory Zagreb where Wingo table won the first prize for innovation. In early 2019. Wingo d.o.o. has been established and during that year intensive work has been done on product development and testing. The following year brought a series of awards and recognitions for the best upcoming product on the market. At the end of 2020. the product was certified and received CE and IP55, which guarantee the quality, safety, and resistance to dust and water. 2020. and the first half of 2021., due to the Covid pandemic, all key customers were closed. The product launch was in the heating season of 2021. in cooperation with Starbucks.

The rest is the future.

Why a hexagon?

In the research of the market of electric and gas heaters, our first conclusion was that standard electric heaters are energy inefficient and gas heaters are environmentally unacceptable due to CO2 emissions.

In the process of creating the Wingo table, our innovator being an active environmental activist decided to have not only a product with a pleasant user experience but also a product that guarantees greater energy efficiency and environmental friendliness compared to the current market offer with a shape that stands out too. Therefore, the Wingo table is a product that has the functionality of a table, is an energy-efficient heater, and is environmentally friendly due to the direct conductive energy transfer that is creating improved user experience and at the same time has its recognizable bottom shape as a hexagon.

Wingo is the first table in the world with a heated base, its hexagonal shape is an easily recognizable form of the Wingo brand that stands out on the market. A hexagon is a form in nature that has been found in beehives, so from every Wingo table sales, we support and donate to preserve bee communities, and we dedicate it to our Wingo table bottom shape. In this way, the story of the Wingo table fully rounds up and gets its form and principles of the basic philosophy of world sustainability.

BEE the part of now.

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