Wingo: ROI is already in the first heating season

Wingo is an energy-efficient table with integrated heating in its base, the first of its kind in the world which, compared to average electric heaters, saves up to 10 times more energy. You can calculate energy savings here. It has been created for heating terraces of cafes, restaurants, and hotels, guided by the needs arising from the HORECA industry. Significant savings, great energy efficiency, modern heating system and design make it not a plain heating table for food but rather the most cost-effective modern and efficient energy eco solution on the world market of heaters, which is why it has received numerous international awards. Wingo is designed and produced in the EU.

Inspired by a natural hexagonal design that optimizes energy consumption and space utilization, results in significant energy and money savings while improving the user experience. Electric and gas heaters, which are used today to heat terraces are part of the problem. After all, they are energy-inefficient since they dissipate 90% of the heat and are also environmentally unacceptable because they create a significant amount of CO2 that is a direct threat to a user-health and the atmosphere. All of that combined creates a need for a great alternative to gas & electrical heaters, and this is the place where you find it.

The CE mark guarantees all safety and functionality standards for the European market and IP55 certification, in addition to mechanical durability and longevity, guarantees water and dust resistance, thus providing additional safety to the end-user.

Wingo is not just a heating table, but one of its kind Croatian product adapted to world needs. It respects Paris Agreement and European Union´s 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework and directly contribute to the fight against climate change by lowering CO2 levels and increasing energy efficiency, making it the most energy & cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution on the market.

Utilizing innovative technology that does not dissipate energy or produce CO2 along with modern design that directly improves user experience while saving money and energy, Wingo heated tables are the number one choice in the modern outdoor terrace heating market.

Wingo tables provide a warm and full terrace 365 days a year!


Wingo heated table is easy to use. With such an energy-efficient outdoor heater, all you need is to sit down at the table and rest your feet on the pedestal. Just press the button on the stand of the table, the next three minutes table base heats up to the maximum temperature of 60°C - 70°C. Soon after, the user will enjoy the feeling of warmth circulating from the feet throughout the body. A Qi charger for wireless charging of smart devices is integrated on the top panel of the table.

Wingo 60

Wingo 60 is an ideal outdoor heating table for up to two to three people and is suitable for smaller-sized cafes.

The colours of the heated table base and the decor of the top max compact board are of your choice.

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Wingo 70

Wingo 70 is ideal for up to three to four people and is suitable for medium-sized cafes or restaurants.

The colours of the heated table base and the decor of the top max compact board are of your choice.

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Wingo 80

Wingo 80 is ideal for up to four to five people and is suitable for medium to large-sized cafes and restaurants.

The colours of the heated table base and the decor of the top max compact board are of your choice.

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Cost Efficient

The use of Wingo´s innovative heating technology significantly reduces energy costs.

Innovative Design

The nature-inspired design optimizes space utilization.

Energy Efficient

Smart technologies minimize energy dissipation and have zero CO2 emissions.